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Creating a Cartoon Logo

Once I know what I am going to create, I research the Internet, books and many other sources looking for design inspiration. Once I have gathered all of my inspiration I decide on a style for the cartoon logo or character. I begin to sketch with a mechanical pencil (7mm lead) on everyday copy paper. I draw, erase and redraw many times on each part of the design. The hand to the right shows that I erased and redrew the hand multiple times.

I place a small light box on top of my drawing table and draw on the light box. This photo shows the drawing area of my cartoon studio and includes my drawing table cluttered with inspiration. The small white box is my light table. Notice the great pedal plane cruising above.

I loosely sketch each part of the character beginning with the head. I darken the design by retracing over it several times as I become happy with the look. The pencil sketch to the right is the final rough for this design.

I then scan the pencil design using an Epson Stylus Photo RX600 scanner/printer. I scan at 300 dpi. on gray scale mode. I use a Mac G5 dual 2.0 processors and two Mac G4’s for all of my computer work. This is the computer corner of my cartoon studio where all cartoon logos are manipulated.

Once scanned, I open the design in Photoshop CS where I begin to clean it up. I lighten, erase and thicken lines to get the design exactly as I want it. When finished the design is black and white and as clean as possible. This is the final drawing and looks exactly like it has been inked.

The next step is to convert my pixel TIFF to a vector art image. I use Illustrator CS2 to accomplish this step. I place the TIFF, choose the comic art setting, and let Auto Trace do the rest. A TIFF file that has been converted to a vector image is saved as an AI or EPS file.

The new file looks very much like the TIFF above. I ungroup the image and move any nodes, using the pointer tool, that do not look correct. Each part of a vector image can be clicked on easily and color can be added with the click of a mouse. I can also make any changes to the design that I need at this stage. Notice that I changed the flowers on the cow during this stage. I also added a thicker outline around the cow to make it stand out more and repositioned the tail slightly.

Once the cartoon image is created and colored I am ready to begin the process of creating the lettering and any background that might be needed. I scroll through hundreds of fonts picking any that I feel might work for this design. I then take the handful of fonts and create the logotype using each font face. I throw out any that I do not like. I look for fun, cartoony and unique lettering. When I have a typestyle that I really like I normally try to change the font in a way to make it unique to that client. I may stretch a letter, curve the words or combine two different fonts.

If a background is needed I create it in Illustrator. I create circles, squares, fades and other effects until I have one I am happy with.

The design to the right is a bogus cartoon logo design I created for a t-shirt company. I used a circle with cow spots for the background and used two different fonts. The top font was curved using the fit text to path tool in Illustrator.

The last step I perform is to export the completed design as an EPS file. I convert the text to curves to avoid any font conflicts with possible printers. I then actually reopen the design in Illustrator and make any last minute color changes and might add a little shading to the design. Once completely done, I can save the design as Illustrator and EPS vector files. I then open a vector file and save that file as TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP pixel files. I burn all of the files to a CD and present it to the client.

This cartoon cow was created as a possible t-shirt design for a very well known t-shirt company. The design was not purchased but was later sold to an up and coming search engine website.


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